looking for a new tattoo? Look no further! Texas Tattoo Emporium is your best bet for that perfect ink.  Our friendly, knowledgeable stay will help guide you through the process.    We treat each customer with courtesy and respect, weather you are getting a tiny black squiggle behind your ear, a smooth black and grey rose with mom's name across it, or a full color Star Wars back piece.  We cater to all. 

If you already know what you want, bring it in.  We can do it as an exact copy, or we can modify your design into a fully customized piece drawn specifically for you. If you have an idea but no design, bring in some pics of tattoos that you like so we can get an idea of your style and taste, and we can create a custom tattoo from your idea, in a style that suits You.

First tattoo? No problem. We can go over the whole process with you, from tattoo selection, to body placement, too the actual experience, and the follow up care.

Meet some of our Artists.....


Stevie has been tattooing since 1991, which makes it 27 years as I am writing this. 

Stevie refuses to be b pushed into the digital age of Instagram and Facebook, so you can reach him and view his portfolio the old fashioned way, you can come on in and meet him.

Stevie's normal hours are Mon,Wed,Fri, 7pm -11pm, Tues,Sat, 2pm-7pm


Jess began tattooing in 1997, and has worked at Texas Tattoo Emporium for the majority of her career.  " My favorite tattoo to do is someone's First Tattoo.  I enjoy the nervous anticipation, and the big let- down when it doesn't hurt like they thought it would.  I love to make everyone's 1st tattoo a memorable, enjoyable experience."

You can see some of her work on Facebook - Jess America, or Instagram - idk, .

Her normal hours are:

Wed-Fri 2pm - 7pm, Sat 7pm - 2am, and Sun 3pm - 10pm

You can reach her through email -


Brandon has been tattooing since idk, and working at Texas Tattoo Emporium since, I also dk, so, not to much info to put here just yet.  I do know that he is an amazing artist, and the quality of his work far exceeds what you would expect from someone who has been doing it so long.  That's a weird sentence.  You can view Brandon's on-line portfolio on Instagram @Inkuptheworld (ink up the world, all one word)

Brandon's usual schedule is Tues - Sat, 7pm - Midnight


Jesus is so cool and awesome that he doesn't have a set schedule.  He works by appointment only, and is frequently booked weeks or even months in advance, so schedule your consultation soon to get in line early.


Geez, don't forget about Kim! She's currently out on tour. Kim's working in Colorado at the moment, breathing that clean mountain air, whoopin' it up and living the good life. Come home soon, Kim!