Body piercing

Why is everyone getting their piercings at Texas Tattoo Emporium? Easy, because we have one of the finest piercers in Houston!  Our Piercer has been piercing in Houston  for 25 years. Lets Take a look...

Imagine a young lad, happy - go- licky, peddaling his bicycle down Westheimer in the early 90's.  Things were diffferent then, Emo's, Marys, a general lack of condominiums, a mere handful of tattoo shops, but no studio dedicated solely to piercing. 

  Byriah began his long and successful carreer in 1993.  Piercing was just beginning to become popular with the fringes of society, let alone main stream young women looking to fancy- up their navels with a bit of bling.    As a professional piercer, immediately disappointed with the quantity and quality of jewelry available,he began to manufacture his own body jewelry with the finest materials to the strictest specifications.  In 1995 he chose to open his own studio, dedicated entirely to the art of piercing, called Taurian Piercing and Metals.  Both the studio and the line of jewelry were very highly regarded in the piercing community.

  He forged the way (sometimes quite literally) for other piercers by setting high standards and exceeding expectations. He has won several awards, including  Houston Press "Best Of," Houston Chronicle "Best Of," and City Search "Best Of," several years in a row. 

As we all well know, everything in time must end, and, sadly, Taurian closed it's doors for good in 2009.  After 16 years, even a successful business can become tiring and overwhelming.  Rather than having to spend the majority of his time on paperwork, taxes, employee issues, he just wanted to get back to the basics and leave the headache behind.  Looking to simplify his life and rediscover his love for his art, he decided to fill the Head Piercer spot here, at Texas Tattoo Emporium in 2010. 

  If you are looking for an outstanding, knowledgeable Piercer with a patient and comforting bedside manner, you will find him here.

Byriah is available Tuesday thru Saturday, 4pm- 11pm.  He does accept walk-ins, but prefers to make appointments.

Most common piercings range from $30 -$50, and include basic jewelry. Please call for exact pricing, or if you have any questions at all.  We also sell body jewelry, and can special order jewelry that we do not normally keep in stock.  It is always best to shop for jewelry when Byriah is here so that he can make sure you get the proper size, gauge, metal, etc. for your specific piercing.