Aftercare of tattoos and piercings

How to care for your New tattoo....

Let's start with the quick overview, and you can read more in depth if you want.

Whether it's your very first tattoo, or if it's been a while since your last tattoo, everyone could use a little refresher course on care and Maintenance.  First of all, your artist will bandage your New tattoo before you leave the studio.  You should wait to remove your bandage until you are at home, or a place where you can safely wash it. You can leave this on for a couple of hours, or if it's late, you can sleep with it on and remove it in the morning.  Either way, when you remove your bandage you should gently wash your tattoo with liquid antibacterial soap (like dial) and just your hand, NO loofa, or washcloth, or scrubbing brush.  Allow it to air dry, then apply a thin coat of ointment.

You can use a generic ointment, like triple antibiotic ointment (generic Neosporin), A&D (clear, not white), bacitracin, mycitracin, for the first 2 days, then you want to switch over to a lotion without any scents or dyes, we recommend Lubriderm or Curel, it Eucerin.  Aquaphor is an excellent product. You can use Aquaphor for the first 2 days, and every day after that. 

You should stay out of the sun and avoid submerging your tattoo in water (i.e. no swimming, water sports, soaking, hot tubbing, etc.) most tattoos are easiest o wash in the shower.  Take your normal shower 1st, then use your antibacterial soap on your tattoo last, making sure no scented products remain on your tattoo.  Do not pick or scratch your tattoo. . Itching is normal, try not to scratch. Scabbing is normal, colorful scabs are normal. Do NOT pick the scabs.  The pigment may come out  if you pick or scratch.  Youroo will stay bright

Remember, a tattoo is an open wound, it IS subject to infection. You should keep it clean.  Do not over moisten it, but don't let it dry out, either.  It is possible to over-do aftercare.  Too much ointment can prevent the tattoo from healing, and create a moist environment that may harbor bacteria. Too much cleaning can cause scabs to come off early, or never form in the first place, causing the color to come out, resulting spots and holidays.

After your tattoo is healed......

Your tattoo will initially scab up.  Those scabs will fall off on their own, and your tattoo will look shiny, then dull.  The skin will exfoliate and slough off on its own, and then your tattoo is healed.  This usually takes about 2-3 weeks.  If your tattoo needs touching up for any reason, we will be happy to fix it for you, but you must wait until it is absolutely healed.  It is normal for tattoos to fade over time.  The depends on each person's individual skin and habits.  The worst thing for tattoos is UV rays.  Tanning naturally or in a tanning bed can cause your tattoo to fade prematurely, and can damage the tattoo and surrounding skin if exposed while healing.  Try to remember to apply sunscreen at least to your tattoo (only after it has healed fully) whenever you are going to be in the sun, and your colors will stay brighter longer.

Lighter colors will usually fade more quickly than darker colors.