How old do you have to be?

Can your parents/ gaurdian sign for you?

Can I bring in my own design?

Do you accept credit/ debit cards?

Can I tip my Artist?

How much do you usually tip?

Can I drink alcohol?

What should I wear?

Do you have a private area where I can get my tattoo?

Can I make an appointment?

Do you accept walk-ins?

How late do you take tattoo clients?

What if I can't take it and have to stop?

Do you have a restroom?

Do you have an ATM?

Where can I park?

is my tattoo infected?

am I having an allergic reaction?

what should I do if I am concerned about how my tattoo is healing?

My tattoo is not as bright as it was the first day.

How much are touch ups?

do you do black light or glow in the dark tattoos?