Texas Tattoo Emporium was inspired, conceived and created in 1997 and has had her doors open for 21 years.  After many years of honing their talents at some of the world finest establishments Texas Tattoo's artists set their eyes on the bayou city and were determined to create an award winning studio that produced the highest quality in body piercing and tattoos.  The result was a comfortable safe environment staffed by some of the worlds premier artists all of who are at the top of their game. We are one of the oldest studios in Houston and you can be sure that we will be here in the future and that's because of out quality and reputation. We specialize in creating the perfect, unique design for our clients. please feel free to browse this website to help you in your quest to find the perfect piece of body art to start your collection or the next addition to yours.  We are highly skilled in all styles of tattooing from portraits to intense color Tattoo's to black and grey tattoing...we are only limited by your imagination.   We use hospital grade sterilization and everything that comes in contact with the client is single use and is disposed of after the tattoo is completed.  Nothing is reused.  All artists are educated in the prevention of bloodborn pathogens and sterile procedures.  Feel free to contact the studio at 713.807.7171 if you have any questions.